Master Anna Phu

My name is Anna Phu, I am a professional Lash Artist who has a passion for Lash Artistry, and I am also a Master of Elite Academy. I had worked in Nail industry for 8 years and a facialist for 2 years. I have always been passionate about well being, beauty and all forms of art. Being in the beauty industry means taking part in the things I enjoy doing, expressing myself through artistic designs and making people look and feel their best. 

I wasn’t always in the beauty industry; in fact, my previous career couldn’t be any more different to what I do now. I worked at dental office with dental assistance for 1 year. Being at Richland College for 2 years of Business Administration major, and Hospitality major for the second year. 

My original training had no confidence and the few clients I had rarely returned. My second training is with Nguyen Ngoc Hieu Hanh, she is a Grand Master of Elite Academy. With the dedication and expertise in her work, she provided all knowledges to her students including me. However, to become a good lash artist is not easy, it required for timing, patience, and passion. I didn’t give up, instead I pursued my love of lashes and here I am today. Every day I feel truly blessed to have found an industry that I love. I am my happiest when I am lashing and couldn’t imagine my life without it. My obsession with lashes makes me want to share this passion with those that love it. That is the reason why I chose Elite Academy to start the job of communicating in the Lash industry.


Elite Lashes

Elite Lashes Academy located in the heart of Texas, USA. The place you can put your trust in, from quality of product and course. We are trained hundreds of courses around the United States of America in over 2 years. Student will be trained with professionalism and understandable. With the dedication and enthusiasm of the trainer and owner of Elite Lashes (Nguyen Bui). At the completion of the course, students will be able to ensure a full of knowledge and confidence in the profession. In addition, during the course of training and practice, students will be practiced on real people, so it will help students be confident and not afraid to do it later.

Student benefits

  • Lifetime discount 20% when buy product at www.elitelashesusa.com (Only Elite Lashes name branded.
  • Discount 15% when buy Glamcor light..
  • Welcome back to class anytime anytime..
  • Attend to our advance class annually for free..
  • Lifetime support.
  • Certificate of completion approved from ELITE LASHES BEAUTY ACADEMY LLC


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